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CEO Message

BN BRUSH is a professional hair brush developer, manufacturer and seller.
We manufacture products applying the highest quality and ergonomic products, and customers can easily and conveniently be used.
Best quality and fast delivery is thought that the most basic, the important thing is the design and convenience.
In addition, our staff worked in this field for more than 30 years so we know very well what customer needs.
Now we are trying to export to more countries and want to meet variety buyers to demonstrate our exceptional product.

I always wondered what buyers want and I am ready to listen to your needs.
Thank you very much.

C.E.O.  Min-tae Yoon

Best quality products for professional

- Premium quality

This brush is features a ceramic-coated barrel to retain and distribute heat evenly to prevent damage while brushing and styling hair at high temperatures.
An ergonomic handle and lightweight design allow for easy maneuvering When styling, straightening, and adding volume.

- Bristle Option

Longtime heat treatment after basic cutting bristle type is permanent ball tip. It holds hair firmly, certain to create a voluminous and quick dry.

- Advanced technology

We developed cell type rubber cushion pad and patented.
Basically preventing the hair caught between rubber and teeth of a comb when combing.
For all hair lengths and textures.